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Top SAT Test Preparation Training Center in China & Hong Kong

SanLi Education Hong Kong is a center specializing in American college and high school bound test preparatory and affiliated services. Established as a greater Asia regional arm of SanLi Education, headquartered in Shanghai, China, the academy provides unparalleled and multifarious course offerings and services to its students.  Instructors come from top ranked American universities and have garnered many years of education and test training experience.

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Since its inception, SanLi Education has trained over 15,000 students from major cities of China and Hong Kong for tests such as SAT, SAT II, Advanced Placement, SSAT & TOEFL. Since the launch of the New SAT, we have 1 student with a perfect 1600, 67 students having 1550 points or higher, 375 students with 1500 points or higher,and 27 students with an 8-8-8 in Essay Writing. In addition to the Academic Center in Hong Kong, SanLi Education has Academies in Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Shenzhen.

Interested in helping your children improve their speaking/debating skills?

SanLi also offers speaking and debate classes designed to help teams reach the pinnacle of Debate competitions – from mediocre results to #1.

Visit our Education Center to see how we can customize a great curriculum for your child

We not only lead your children in class, we aim to be their lifelong mentors and friends. We believe in taking off the “y” in the word  “yours” since we know that it becomes “ours” and we sincerely share your goal to treat your children as “ours”.  This is why many past and present students have achieved significantly.  

Visit our Education Center to see how we can customize a great curriculum for your child



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SAT, Essay, Grammar, Writing, AP Politics; Graduate of Harvard College, The London School of Economics, Harvard University and Georgetown University


SAT, ACT, SSAT; Graduate of Peking University and Hong Kong University


SAT, Reading, SSAT, Founder; Graduate of Northwestern University




SAT, College Consulting




SAT, TOFEL, SSAT, College Consulting


  • I have not experienced a curriculum so thoroughly designed and teachers, Haimu and Kelvin, so approachable and caring for my success; my scores went from 1700 to 2340 in less than a year!

    Rebecca Li Applying to college this year (2014-15)

  • Kelvin and Brandon taught my son the SSAT recently at SanLi. Even though Kevin is a smart student, after studying with these two teachers, he raised his scores dramatically to my surprise. He amazed us and we were so happy since he was able to get the highest score possible on the test: a 99% Percentile.

    Ms. Zhang Mother of a Recent SSAT Student: Kevin

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