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Perfect 2400s on the SAT - San Diego


在聖地亞哥波威聯合學區就讀伯納多牧場高中(Rancho Bernardo High School) 的Isabella Ortiz在10月第一次SAT考試便取得2400滿分的驕人成績。她是怎樣做到的?




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When will the scores for the January 24th SAT be available?

It’s a very common question we get here at SanLi Education as one of Hong Kong’s Top SAT Test Preparation providers.

Many of these questions are on the College Board’s website, but sometimes people just don’t know how to navigate to the proper section. As you can see from the following, it takes the CB about 14 business days to process the scores and send them out to the colleges and student.

January 2015 SAT Test Scores Availability


February 12th, 2015 is the date students can look out for their SAT Scores to be available

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December 2014 SAT Scores Available – NOW

dec 2014 sat scores availableScores are to be reported today, December 23, 2014 for all students who took the December 6th, 2014 SAT.

Unfortunately, there appears to be potential delays or even cancellations for some who took the December 6th test like the previous ones here in Asia for the October and November tests. There appears to be a “cheating operation” that is creating this problem for the many innocent test takers.



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